• Yatırım Finansman Research Department is dedicated to provide timely and actionable investment intelligence that enable domestic and international clients to navigate their investment decisions in Turkish markets.
  • The Macroeconomic Research at Yatırım Finansman keeps a close eye on macroeconomic and political developments and interprets them wisely. Turkish coverage includes daily reports on “global developments” that pertain to Turkish macroeconomic outlook. In depth analyses on data-based “macro focus” reports and, on data of lesser significance, the “macro notes” cover the political and economical phenomena in Turkey. Domestic investors are also informed for upcoming global / local events and their potential effects on TRY asset classes via the “Weak Ahead” report. International coverage has a stronger emphasis on local outlook. Yatırım Finansman Macroeconomic Research produces their renowed “Macro Focus” analyses on the following macro news: Inflation, rate decision, balance of payments, consolidated budget balance, GDP and industrial production. “Macro Focus” reports are also produced to cover important political developments; such as elections and announcement of Turkey’s annual Medium Term Programs. The research group also produces three sizeable quarterly reviews and one annual “Macro Outlook Report” at the end of each calender year. These reports not only give insights on historical perspectives of the past quarter, but also include the company’s latest forecast updates on certain macroeconomic parameters as well as forecasts of valuations in bonds market and TRY currency.
  • In addition to domestic and international economic and political developments, which have an impact on the value of all investment instruments, the performance of the companies and sectoral developments all play an important role in the dynamics of equity markets. All these factors must be monitored closely and professionally to obtain the highest possible return on investment instruments. Companies with reliable and transparent balance sheets are given priority in stock analyses. Great value is attached to research at Yatırım Finansman, which provides its customers with technical and basic analytical data presented in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.
  • The Research Department plays an active role in recruiting and meeting the needs of both domestic and international institutional investors. Consistently aware of the significance of producing value-added information and advising investors accurately in the face of increasing competition, Yatırım Finansman's research activities target both internal and external customers. Internal research caters specifically to the needs of the Fund Management and Portfolio Management departments. The target audience for external research is generally international fund managers, traders and local customers trading at the branches. Research reports and commentaries are distributed to a wide customer base via telephone, e-mail, the Bloomberg system, the Company's website and one-on-one personal visits.
  • Best-quality research products consist of company and industry specific reports in Turkish and English, daily and weekly bulletins and macro and quantitative analysis reports. Careful implementation of global analysis methodologies, diligent evaluations and Yatırım Finansman's unique interpretative perspective together enrich the quality and the content of the reports. Yatırım Finansman possesses a team not only capable of closely monitoring the economy in macroeconomic terms, but one that can also make accurate predictions based on detailed analyses. In addition to providing periodical reports, the team also prepares reports tailored to domestic and international clients.