Human Resources

The Importance Attributed to Human Resources

İnsan Kaynakları

As the Yatırım Finansman family, we draw our strength from our employees. Based on this understanding, we aim to establish systems which promote, develop and support our human resource and to become one of the most preferred organizations at our sector.

Our aim is to create a human resource that is committed to ethical values, open to change, customer oriented, outgoing, innovative, flexible, cooperative, and who identify high targets and work passionately to reach them; which will contribute to the realization of our vision and our strategies.

Our human resources policy is based on placing individuals possessing these values to suitable positions based on their competences; and contributing to the sustainable growth of our organization via development of our employees by creating a satisfied work environment.

Recruitment Policy

Our recruitment policy is to hire the right people who will represent our company in and outside the organization in the best way based on their relevant competences according to our organization's strategy and targets.

During interviews that are carried out as part of the recruitment process, the target is to ensure that candidates are compatible with the organizational culture and that their qualifications match the related position, as well as to evaluate their knowledge, skills and competences. In order to assign the right person to the right job, our recruitment process consists of evaluations first by the human resources department and then by the managers of the department which the subject matter position is a part of. Depending on the position applied, candidates' foreign language skills are also evaluated.

Internship Opportunity for University Students

In internship recruitments; we prioritize third or fourth year students of reputable universities providing education related to the sector and include compulsory internship and with which we have an agreement of cooperation. Our intern recruitment process begins in April of each year. Application forms that candidates submit through our website are assessed by the Human Resources department.

Training and Development

As we organize development and training activities; we view our human resource as the most valuable capital and rely on the idea that investment to human is the most valuable investment. Our aim is to support the individual and professional development of our employees through YF Academy online training platform by also taking their career plans and the qualifications they are required to have into consideration. The foundation of our training policy is to utilize the knowledge and experience of our professionals by organizing internal training and development activities and ensuring that our employees also participate in external training programs and seminars.