Being the first brokerage house in Turkey, Yatırım Finansman Securities has celebrated its 40th year in the sector.

Technology investments continued, in order to lead the digital
transformation of the sector.

Corporate web site, internet branch and mobile application are renewed,
as a result of the leading position of the Company in the digital platform.

The headquarters moved to TSKB’s building in Findikli, in order to increase the synergy with the main shareholder.

Müşterilere daha iyi ve daha etkin hizmet vermek amacıyla Şirket organizasyonu yeniden yapılandırıldı.



Various conferences on financial literacy has been organized around the country in cooperation with BIST.

Brokerage Firm with Broad Authority License has been acquired as part of the Capital Markets Board regulations.

Has been awarded the Best Securities Broker for the second year in a row by CFI. Co.

The transformation to the newly launched BISTECH system has been conducted successfully with the help of the experienced human resources and up-to-date technological infrastructure.


Yatırım Finansman Securities has been selected as the "Best Securities Brokerage of Turkey in 2014" as a result of the survey organized by the London-based Capital Finance International (cfi.co) that polled the views of its readers and market experts.

YF Academy was launched with the idea that most valuable investment was the one devoted to human capital in order to provide training for employees independent of time and location.

The system infrastructure was renewed to increase the operational efficiency and the operational tasks were centralized.


Along wıth the process of organizational restructuring in 2012, carried on significant investments to technology and human resources.

Portfolio management services were restructured and short term and interest based products were developed.

Yatırım Finansman Securities became Turkey's first carbon-neutral brokerage house.

Yatırım Finansman Securities increased the order transmission speed through fiber line and unlimited ExAPI.


Company organization was restructured with the aim of better and more effective service to its clients.

The logo and corporate identity of Yatırım Finansman Securities were renewed in order to reflect the new managerial and service-related approach.

Yatırım Finansman Securities utilized social media to reach out to its followers more efficiently.

milestone 2012


milestone 2011

With its customer service oriented approach, Yatırım Finansman Securities introduced the mobile platform via YFASTRADE, notable for its dynamic design and easy to use interface.

By cooperation of Turkey Is Bank and Turkey's first brokerage house Yatırım Finansman Securities, clients were able to access their existing accounts, perform deposit and withdrawal transactions through ATMs of Turkey Is Bank.

Yatırım Finansman Securities obtained the license for the Emerging Companies Market (ECM).


Yatırım Finansman Securities participated in the public offering of 12 of the 16 companies that went public in 2010 and acted as a co-leader in four public offering consortiums.


TSKB Securities was acquired on December 29, 2006 by Yatırım Finansman Securities.


TSKB, the first private investment and development bank established in Turkey has acquired 90.4% of Yatırım Finansman Securities.


It was proved that Yatırım Finansman Securities implemented alternative distribution channels by starting activation of telephone and internet banking.


CMBT authorizes Yatırım Finansman Securities to trade in derivatives. The Derivatives Exchange (Turkdex) is launched.

Yatırım Finansman Securities was authorized by CMBT in order to trade and service to inverstors with the launch of Derivatives Exchange Market.

Yatırım Finansman Securities offered research and trading services to foreign institutional investors.

Yatırım Finansman Securities' website
was rewarded the third best financial
website at the Golden Spider Contest.


Yatırım Finansman Securities was authorized by the CMBT for investment consulting, portfolio management and repo authorisation


Yatırım Finansman Securities was ranked third in terms of the number of transactions at the stock market and awarded by ISE.


Yatırım Finansman Securities started trading commercial papers, bank bonds and bank-guaranteed bonds.



Trading on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) was initiated.

Yatırım Finansman Securities ranked as the leader in ISE with 42% market share.


Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMBT) was established. Yatırım Finansman Securities was authorized by the CMBT for brokerage on stock trading and in public offerings.


Yatırım Finansman Securities is the first brokerage house to broker a corporate bond issue in Turkey. Capital Market Law was enacted the same year.


Yatırım Finansman Securities, the first capital market institution of the country, was established in 1976 with the participation of 13 major banks led by Isbank, the Republic's first national bank, and TSKB (Turkish Industrial Development Bank).