About Us

Turkey's first brokerage house

Yatırım Finansman Securities, Turkey's first brokerage house, was founded on October 15, 1976 by 13 major banks led by Isbank and the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB). Achieving strong and stable growth since its inception, Yatırım Finansman has always been a pioneer in the capital markets and a symbol of trust throughout its 42-year history.

Yatırım Finansman is the pioneer of Turkey's capital markets

  • Turkey's first brokerage house
  • Led the development of the capital markets before the enactment of the Capital Markets Law in 1981 and the opening of the Istanbul Stock Exchange in 1986
  • Underwrote the first corporate bond issue in Turkey
  • Played an important role in significant developments such as changing investment habits, the establishment of the Capital Markets Board (CMB) and the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) as well as the introduction of stocks and government bonds as popular investment instruments
  • Solid equity-base and shareholder structure
  • Reliable brand name

Yatırım Finansman's main goal is to maintain its lead in the Turkish capital markets with robust shareholding structure, well-established distribution channels, wide product range, state-of-the-art technology, customer-oriented services and extensive experience.
The Company's Head Office hosts Institutional Sales, Domestic Sales, Research, Asset Management and Investment Advisory departments to meet the needs of domestic and foreign institutional investors. The Corporate Finance Department offers investment banking solutions to companies and shareholders for raising funds on the capital markets.