• Yatırım Finansman Securities offers asset management for clients who prefer to utilize the skills and expertise of professional money managers.
  • The accelerating correlation in global financial markets and the variety of ever complex investment instruments in recent years increase the need for professional asset management organizations governed by the principles of corporate governance.
  • Yatırım Finansman Securities provides you with access to the full resources and expertise of a highly respected financial services firm with AUM of nearly TL 415 mn. Most importantly, you have the confidence of knowing that your financial advisor has the freedom to make recommendations based solely on your specific needs.
  • Yatırım Finansman offers discretionary portfolio management services to individual and institutional investors who are seeking returns through mid-to long-term investments, but who lack the time or knowledge to identify market opportunities. The Company manages portfolios with varied risk profiles as determined by investors. Our team of professionals is guided by principles of relatively high performance, client satisfaction, investor flexibility, investing in liquid instruments proportionate to the portfolio size, management in compliance with the limits, decision making in accordance with the rational expectations. With a dynamic portfolio management strategy and an effective market perspective, Yatırım Finansman aims to create high value-added for its investors.Yatırım Finansman's expert portfolio managers manage client portfolios they created in consideration of their owners' risk-return preferences; clients are regularly informed about the performance of their portfolios.
  • Risk management, liquidity and diversification are the three pillars of the Company's discretionary portfolio management. The trust and reputation maintained by the Company, as well as its competitiveness, expert staff, and an ability to offer a wide range of alternatives for risk preferences are Yatırım Finansman's market differentiators.